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How do I pay for my brick?
When you order your brick on line, you have the option to use a credit card (with PAY PAL) or you can mail a check to American Legion Post 1084. Mailing address for the check is listed on the order form.

My brother and I are splitting the cost – can we pay separately for one brick?
The system isn’t set up that way. Your brother will have to pay you, and you’ll have to submit the entire payment.

Is the money being generated being spent on anything else?
100% of the funds raised go to the construction and maintenance of the memorial.

Are the brick inscriptions only for Veterans names?
No. Bricks can be inscribed with family or company names as well as veterans. Only bricks honoring Veterans will be placed in the designated area around the memorial.

I’d like to purchase an honor brick for my father but he never lived in Roselle. Can I still purchase a brick to honor him?
Absolutely! The purpose of the memorial is to honor ALL U.S. military veterans, without regard for their place of residency.

Can I purchase an honor brick for a living veteran?
Of course. The memorial is intended to honor all veteran’s, both current and past.

I’d like to put a symbol on the brick – is that possible?
Yes, there are about 10 symbols available to choose from, and there is no additional charge, but the symbol is considered part of the allotted number of spaces available. When you place your order, the design will pop up on the screen. Symbols will be placed on lines 1, 2, or 3, if you are ordering an 8x8 and would like them on a different line please use the NOTES field to describe where you would like them placed. If you would like to request more than one symbol please use the NOTES field for that request as well. All bricks are subject to final approval by the Memorial committee.

What information is needed on a Veterans Honor Brick?
At a minimum, the brick should include the Veterans name and branch of service. Other common information might be rank, conflict (e.g., Vietnam, WWII, Korea, etc.), years of service, and service medals awarded (e.g., Purple Heart, Bronze Star, etc.). If space for more information is desired, consider purchasing an 8x8 honor brick.

My company would like to purchase an 8x8 brick. Can I add the company logo?
No. Companies wishing to order a brick to honor service members are encouraged to do so but, in an effort to maintain the spirit of the memorial, company logos will not be permitted.

When will the bricks be placed at the Memorial? Will somebody let me know?
The construction of the memorial is scheduled to begin in May, 2014. Updates to the progress of construction can be found on the Post website at

I’m giving this brick as a holiday gift. How do you suggest I notify somebody of this?
When creating the honor brick on the website you will be presented with an image of the brick for review prior to ordering. It is suggested that you make a screen print of the page which you can offer to the recipient.

Can I choose where my brick will be placed?
No. Early design would have the bricks placed randomly throughout the memorial site, rather than placed all together.

Is this donation tax deductible?
Yes. The Roselle American Legion Charitable Foundation (RALCF) is an IRS designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization, therefore purchasing an Honor Brick for this project is tax deductable to the extent of the law.

The American Legion
Northwest DuPage Post No. 1084
344 E. Maple Avenue
Roselle, Illinois 60172

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